About Me
I am a photography & video enthusiast who has discovered the growing and exciting field of 360 degree imagery.

I have been enthusiastically taking photos for years now. I have owned a number of digital cameras during this time – from an old Kodak 2 megapixel camera (back when it was still the original Kodak) to a GoPro 3+ (black edition) and, of course, my trusty cell phone camera (because your best camera is the camera you have with you). Having been privileged to know quite a few professional photographers through the years, I have picked up a number of “tricks” along the way that have (hopefully) helped to make me a better photographer.

Video Editing
I have been creating and editing video since the turn of the century! Having cut my teeth on creating photo slideshows for funerals and special family events and the like all the way to editing church services on a weekly basis for the church I attend plus creating animated characters and using them for various educational end entertainment purposes.I learned video editing in Sony Vegas and have now become immersed in the world of Adobe Creative Cloud, becoming quite proficient with both Premiere Pro and After Effects. I have also done some 3d animation using Realusion’s iClone.

360° Photo & Video
When I first discovered that such a medium existed I was blown away, and when I discovered that I could actually purchase a camera that allowed me to easily create this immersive content I jumped right on it. I see so much potential for this new medium and I want to explore it and push it as much as I can to see what it can be used for.Having only just begun exploring (as of January 2017) I am early on my journey of discovery. As such, I will be posting on this site things that I learn and discover that I think other budding 360 photographers will appreciate.