Beaver Lake

While out for a drive yesterday we stopped to cool off in Beaver Lake. It proved to be an interesting stop for us.

Have a look around where we were by either using your computer mouse to click and drag around the image, or use your fingers if you’re using a touch device. There are also a number of “hot-spots” inside the image, and hovering your mouse over, or touching them will show you more.

If you are interested in creating a 360 tour for your business or project, please visit the CONTACT page and send me a message.

Need Some Physiotherapy?

I recently had the pleasure of creating a 360 tour for Helen Day’s Physiotherapy Clinic here in Kelowna.  I was very pleased with the outcome of the images and Helen was a real pleasure to work with.

So, go ahead, have a look around her clinic – starting from the outside, and wander your way in. It’s a great facility!

On a side note, through this project I have discovered that when you view some tours on a computer with a mouse, you aren’t forced to follow the path that has been laid out, and you can “walk through walls” and jump between locations that are not actually next top each other.

This is a somewhat bothersome and glaring glitch on Google’s part, but I can find very little information relating to it and how others have dealt with it online.

Office Tour – Revisited

As I have continued to search for software that will allow me to easily create tours of 360° images I have captured, today I stumbled across a wonderful little program called Marzipano. It is a web-based free program for creating 360° tours. As such, it has far fewer features than the other programs I have been reviewing, but for a free program, it is great! This tour took me much less time to set up and generate that I had experienced with any of the commercial programs. The images even load MUCH faster than they did using other programs! I believe I have found the program I will be using… at least until I find that I NEED and can afford one of the more feature-rich programs.

PS. Don’t worry, I won’t keep posting different versions of the same tour. Now that I have discovered Marzipano, I can easily create any tours that I have imagined.