Beaver Lake

While out for a drive yesterday we stopped to cool off in Beaver Lake. It proved to be an interesting stop for us.

Have a look around where we were by either using your computer mouse to click and drag around the image, or use your fingers if you’re using a touch device. There are also a number of “hot-spots” inside the image, and hovering your mouse over, or touching them will show you more.

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Office Tour – Revisited

As I have continued to search for software that will allow me to easily create tours of 360° images I have captured, today I stumbled across a wonderful little program called Marzipano. It is a web-based free program for creating 360° tours. As such, it has far fewer features than the other programs I have been reviewing, but for a free program, it is great! This tour took me much less time to set up and generate that I had experienced with any of the commercial programs. The images even load MUCH faster than they did using other programs! I believe I have found the program I will be using… at least until I find that I NEED and can afford one of the more feature-rich programs.

PS. Don’t worry, I won’t keep posting different versions of the same tour. Now that I have discovered Marzipano, I can easily create any tours that I have imagined.