Office Tour – Revisited

As I have continued to search for software that will allow me to easily create tours of 360° images I have captured, today I stumbled across a wonderful little program called Marzipano. It is a web-based free program for creating 360° tours. As such, it has far fewer features than the other programs I have been reviewing, but for a free program, it is great! This tour took me much less time to set up and generate that I had experienced with any of the commercial programs. The images even load MUCH faster than they did using other programs! I believe I have found the program I will be using… at least until I find that I NEED and can afford one of the more feature-rich programs.

PS. Don’t worry, I won’t keep posting different versions of the same tour. Now that I have discovered Marzipano, I can easily create any tours that I have imagined.



Office Tour

I am trying out various ways to do more than simply show 360° images or videos – I am trying to find ways to make them interactive. To that end I have been exploring a number of different software tools that will allow me to do more. The one I am favouring right now is called 3DVista. I have begun experimenting with a tour of the offices at Evangel Church where I work sometimes.

CLICK HERE to see what I’ve come up with so far. It should work great whatever you are viewing it on. Please remember that this is still early stages, so it is far from a complete tour – more of a “proof of concept” at this point.