Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours
Come and explore the world with me. These are all 360° Virtual Tours that I have created. This listing will continue to grow over time

Beaver Lake

While out for a drive yesterday we stopped to cool off in Beaver Lake. It proved to be an interesting stop for us. Have a look around where we were by either using your computer mouse to click and dra… colintoews Read More

Need Some Physiotherapy?

I recently had the pleasure of creating a 360 tour for Helen Day’s Physiotherapy Clinic here in Kelowna.  I was very pleased with the outcome of the images and Helen was a real pleasure to wor… colintoews Read More

Office Tour – Revisited

As I have continued to search for software that will allow me to easily create tours of 360° images I have captured, today I stumbled across a wonderful little program called Marzipano. It is a web-b… colintoews Read More

Tour of Moraine Park

This is a series of 360° images I captured walking through Moraine Park in Kelowna on snowy afternoon. The entire walk is linked together so you can walk through the park. colintoews Read More